Blue Energy Shortage

The Galactic News Channel – Jair Galaxy,  Planet Chaya

Changes are Coming

An anonymous report detailing the contents of an ethereal meeting of our ten Overlords appears to be gaining traction within the financial world. A shortage of blue energy is imminent. Intergalactic trading patterns – like footprints in the snow – seem to verify that premise. Never before has the shipping index (an indicator that tracks trade volume) been so high. 

To put this trading volume in context, picture (a period of) two orbits worth of imports and exports crossing galactic space between our Anan group of galaxies in just over half an orbit — a trade compression rate of four to one. Those volumes are unsustainable and scream of panic stockpiling and selling by the influential Charter houses. If such trading volumes continue, our worlds will run out of goods to barter or blue energy to fuel the starships. Based on the leaked information from our Overlord’s meeting, the latter is the likely outcome.

Fear of a blue energy shortage drove the price of this precious energy to all-time highs at the close of business yesterday at the Energy Exchange. However, questions remain as to who leaked the contents of the Overlord’s private meeting. Logical conclusions point to the unthinkable; our Overlord, The Seventh, spread the story. But why do that?

That answer may come from another leaked document. A trusted source intimated that the article was dribbled by a member of the ruling council of Anan. The damming revelation reveals a rogue element from the Anan councils – and their families – are actively canvassing The Sixth to unseat The One. If the explosive nature of this content is accurate, we are heading for upheaval within our ten ruling Overlords. Add those two leaks together, and it would appear, our own Overlord, The Seventh, is in alignment with The Sixth. 

However you interpret this news, blue energy is in short supply – that is an undisputed fact. Price action at the Energy Exchange verifies this. Without it, our Overlords cannot exist – it is the life force that sustains them. Something has to change. The days of starships guzzling blue energy crisscrossing our galaxies are over. We have to adapt. Early research in hybrid engines gave a viable alternative. However, the clunky control mechanism was too much for some mortals to manage. Meantime, The One authorised the use of blue drives amongst us lowly bipeds – the rest is history.

From: Chaya Commschat_Anonrep@under-chat

From the Palace Of The Seventh

To Editor in Chief,

The Galactic News Channel

The above article you plan to publish has come to the attention of The Seventh. That you could contemplate publishing such lies is contemptible. We have spoken in the past of the use of this anonymous under-chat source. Why you would try to legitimise their idle gossip is beyond this office. Unless Editor, you are engaged in illegal speculation on the price of blue energy yourself and plan to capitalise on the unrest the article will surely spark. That news, if it ever came to light, would have profound consequences on your credibility and circulation.

Charges of treason are now a real possibility. You will pull the article and replace it with the short statement of fact from The Seventh below. 

In The Name of The Seventh

Planet Chaya Secretary of Security. 

The Galactic News Channel – Jair Galaxy,  Planet Chaya

Recent reports of the content of a secret ethereal conference between Overlords is untrue. A meeting of minds to discuss the known shortage of blue energy did take place. Such discussions between Overlords are commonplace and speculation of coming changes in galactic order are purely fictitious. That fantasy is perpetrated by unscrupulous traders trying to capitalise on the rising price of blue energy. Rest assured, galactic order is secure. In the interim, there may be some changes to the distribution of blue energy. Led by The One, our group of ten, is working closely to resolve this short crisis. In the context of galactic time, such shortages have come and gone. 

Technological advances in the control of hybrid engines, the intelligent use of grav and the resurrection of galactic tugs are some of the many solutions readily available. Yes, it is inconvenient, but as in aeons past, we will get through this together.

From the Palace Of The Seventh

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