Energy Wars

Publication date: October 2021
ISBN: 978-1916875715
Price: €1.16

Book description

Filled with romance, galactic polity, financial intrigue, brutal battles, violence and
bloody death, Energy Wars, the two-part sequel to Project Anan, takes the reader on a nail-biting journey across galaxies.

‘…I am an outlaw with the worst of them, hidden away on The Sixth’s doorstep…Who would have thought that?’ The Eight said after returning to the Anan Galaxy. Despite the success of Project Anan, all was not as he left it!

Escaping death and forced into a war he doesn’t want, The Eight begins another mega-project battling renegade Overlords, space pirates and the unexpected Uldonian microbes.

Through the cosmos – on starships they couldn’t have imagined – Niamh, Janet, Tom and Robert follow their Overlord on a fear filled voyage to the edge of human darkness.

Alongside alien allies, they must build a fleet of ships, mine and deliver blue energy to the Energy Exchange, fight superior forces, ensure their secret colony on the New World isn’t discovered and protect the Earth from a soul-less monster hellbent on erasing humanity.

More about the story

Energy Wars continues the 2nd and 3rd parts of the Energy Exchange Trilogy. 

The golden Hela, brim full of precious energy, spirits The Eight back to the Anan GalaxyDespite Project Anan’s resounding success, nothing is as it was when he departed his home world. An evil entity – The Sixth – seized power, manipulated a renegade troika, strangled the supply of blue energy and upended Anan order. Losing contact with his companion and leader (The One) and control of the largest battle fleet in their galaxies – his worst nightmare realised – The Eight embarks on another mega-project to rebuild galactic order. 

The troika’s power grab forces The Eight into an Energy War he does not want. Defeated and near death, he battles against renegade Overlords, space pirates and the unexpected – Uldonian microbes.

Across intergalactic space, on a starship they couldn’t have imagined, The Eight’s heroes fight to overcome pure evil as never before seen in the mists of time. Their secret colony on the New World and the human race on Earth are now in mortal danger. With a soul-less monster by his side, The Sixth unleashes terror and mayhem on the human population. For humanity to survive, they must; gather the parts, ships and crew to rebuild a fleet of starships for The Eight, extract blue energy and secretly ship it to the Energy Exchange under the nose of The Sixth’s superior fleet – no small task. While his heroes, Niamh, Janet, Tom and Robert forge alliances with the alien Aknars, Borea and the tech-wizardly Mzimot, on Earth, age old political infighting spike their efforts. World War 111 erupts between humans. 

Returning to Anan, Empress Theia Aknar disseminates her cure for the Anan sickness while attempting to thwart the troika’s power grab. Against superior forces, battles are fought on Earth and in distant galaxies.

With some financial skulduggery, this brutal struggle for supremacy between Overlords stretches from Earth across the cosmos into the Energy Exchange’s data servers. The Eight prosecutes a “smart war” in an attempt to defeat his nemeses. Gathering at the Energy Exchange – a vast city in space – leading a diverse army of allies, The Eight confronts his past while fighting for his very existence.

The wayward life of the Borea family is revealed to Niamh, while her husband Tom gets to see first-hand what evilness existed in that family. Despite the malevolent darkness, the constant struggle for survival and the threat of extinction, love blossoms between human and alien bipeds. Yet, a forbidden romantic tryst and the birth of a mixed race child have earth shattering consequences …

Energy Wars takes the reader on a nail-biting journey through space with romance, galactic polity, financial intrigue, and brutal battles.