Project Anan

Publication date: 2nd Edition July 2021
ISBN: 978-1916875739
Price: €1.16
Editions: Paperback and ebook

Book description

Don’t miss this thrilling Space Opera from Author Lionel Lazarus.

Our Ancestors Are Back. Abandoning Earth after extracting their precious energy, Aliens left and forgot the human population they changed. Those changes linked the three species, across time and the Intergalactic Space that separated their worlds. Ravaged by sickness and an energy shortage that threatens their extinction, the Aliens return on a clapped out old rust bucket seeking help. Earth, devastated by climate change, wars and population explosion is not what they expected, radically altering how they make First-Contact with humans. Together, alien and human embark on a Project that may give the three species hope for survival. Battling against discovery by evil forces, technology problems, mistrust and war, a Scottish Oil Rigger, an Irish Farm Girl and a Marine from East London, find themselves embroiled in events they could never have imagined. Led by an Alien Overlord — they have an unenviable task as the Managers of Project Anan. Engulfed by tragedy, drama and romance, events take them and their crew to New Zealand, France, Australia, Switzerland and Space on a journey to a New World in a distance secret galaxy.

More about the story

Project Anan begins with confrontation between ten alien entities — ethereal Overlords that govern the universe. An energy shortage has heralded the demise of their power base, forcing upheaval amongst their ruling order. Dependent on “blue energy” for their very existence, the Overlords — the source of all intelligent life in the universe — face extinction. The fight for an energy supply and their survival sparks the central theme for Project Anan. 

Three thousand three hundred years ago, after extracting their precious energy, an alien Overlord and his Anan purebreeds abandoned Earth. Genetic alterations they had made to Earth’s early biped inhabitants changed the human population forever. Those changes linked the three species across time and the intergalactic space that separated their worlds. The storyline tracks a project the three interdependent species embark on – humans, purebreeds from the planet Anan and their Overlord – the powerful entity that lives on blue.

Ravaged by a terminal sickness, the Anan purebreeds, with their alien Overlord, return to Earth on a clapped out old rust bucket seeking help. The ship is not the technological marvel humans would expect the ruler of galaxies to return on. Arriving in orbit, Earth, devastated by climate change, wars and population explosion, is not what the Overlord and his Anan crew anticipate. The Earth’s human population are also facing extinction, aeons before their time. It is an unexpected dilemma and radically alters how the aliens make first contact with humans. The story’s start explores who they make first contact with, where and how they make it — and how they keep their secret from the general population. 

A subplot within the book involves an Anan Empress, an Anan doctor and a human geneticist working to find a cure for the alien’s sickness. Together, alien and human embark on a project that may give the three species hope. The three central characters, a Scottish oil rigger, an Irish farm girl and a Marine from east London, follow their alien Overlord, battling against discovery by evil powers, technology problems, mistrust and war. To add to their woes, their clients, the ruling elite from the planet Anan, completely underestimate the scale of the project, leaving the humans to plan and execute the refit of the beat-up old spaceship and the transportation of a human colony across the cosmos.

This thrilling Space Opera is the first instalment of the Energy Exchange trilogy.